Winchester Through a New Lens

I took the new camera on a day out to Winchester.  (For those who didn’t read London Through a New Lens, it’s a Nikon D750).

Why Winchester? To see my friend Catherine.  My friends from India and China keep scattering and re-grouping in different countries.  Last time I saw Catherine, we were in Bangalore.  This time we were lunching in her new hometown of Winchester.

I’m not the first to say that Winchester cathedral is stunning.

Winchester cathedral

Nor am I the first to marvel at how much bigger it seems on the inside.

Winchester cathedral ceiling

I’d tried out the automatic setting on the camera for the London photos.   It was time to turn the dial round to the next point…A for Aperture Priority.

Once I’d set the camera to A, I kind of forgot to change the aperture, so everything was photographed at F4.  Still, the cathedral’s icons and statues are beautiful on any setting.

Ikons in Winchester Cathedral

Winchester cathedral statue

I could hardly move in the cathedral quarter for friendly tour guides.  Stop for a moment and someone will gently direct you to a priceless piece of history or art.

I was glad of their guidance, as my only previous source of information on Winchester had been a blogging friend, Andrew Hardacre, who has posted photographs of the city on his site “All Downhill from Here”.  

I’m not sure that Andrew is entirely to be trusted.  Judge for yourself as you read tales of King Alfred “a famous Saxon King, who launched a contemporary version of The Great British Bake-Off”, as told in his posts   View from the Top and  I am Alfred King of the Britons.

King Alfred statue

Yes, that is King Alfred – and yes he’s photographed at F8, so I finally did master the dial for changing the aperture.

Winchester is only one hour by train from London’s Waterloo station.  I’m looking forward to another visit, maybe to the city’s Christmas Market which starts tomorrow, Thursday 19 November.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim in Fiji says:

    All this is magnificent. If I ever get to London, I will have to go look for myself.


  2. linnetmoss says:

    Marvelous indeed! Have fun at the Christmas market!


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