If you’d asked me last year about the North Bank in London, I would have told you that it was part of Arsenal’s old Highbury football ground.   But the 21st century Northbank is a different thing altogether.

Northbank sign 2 London has long had a district called Southbank, with a Southbank Centre and a South Bank University (previously Polytechnic of the South Bank).

Now the north side of the river Thames has been branded as “Northbank”, and Christmas lights are being used to reinforce the new name.

Northbank sign

The area includes Trafalgar Square, The Strand and the Aldwych, which brings in a series of important buildings from the National Gallery to the Royal Courts of Justice.   I travelled along The Strand on a double-decker bus.  Instead of complaining about the heavy traffic, I made use of the frequent stops to take photographs.

Northbank and bus

You can see the Adelphi Theatre in that photo.   Northbank lies on the southern edge of the area already branded as London’s Theatreland, and my bus had just passed the Savoy and Vaudeville theatres.

Next stop,  Trafalgar Square,  home to a Gift Horse and Admiral Nelson. and a special Christmas tree which I need to photograph for a future post.

Northbank and Nelson

Click here for a report of the launch of the Northbank Business Improvement District in the Evening Standard newspaper.

If you’re interested in what’s going on in this area, click here for a map of the Northbank Business Improvement District  and click here for their Advent Calendar of daily events.


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  1. Oh, my! All of it looks so dolled up and so very beautiful!


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