Back to St Christopher’s Place

In 2012 I claimed that Saint Christopher’s Place was one of London’s prettiest streets at Christmas.   I went back this year to see if that was still true.

St Christopher’s Place is a narrow lane leading off Oxford Street, lined with small shops, and opening out into a public square with restaurants.

St Christophers Place Christmas lights and sign (1)

You could easily miss the narrow entrance to the street, so take the advice on their website telling you to look for the clock, as shown in this square image….

St Christopher's Place clock

…..and then walk through the narrow entrance as shown in this long thin image.

St Christopher's Place entrance (1)

Because the street is so narrow, with no cars allowed, it’s ideal for suspending decorations between the buildings.

St Christophers Place Christmas lights 1 (1)

Maybe “pretty” isn’t the right word for the decorations this year.   The official description from St Christopher’s Place on social media was “retro”.   What do you think of them?

St Christophers Place Christmas lights closeup (1)

P.S. Voting is still open, but right now we are heading for a landslide win for Brussels sprouts in yesterday’s poll.


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  1. Can’t really say whether I like this decoration or not, it is just so different


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      I wasn’t sure either, but I felt the Christmas spirit in St Christopher’s Place when I found a choir of young children from St Vincent’s Primary School singing Christmas carols.
      I wish you a happy and healthy Christmas in Germany.

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      1. I haven’t seen a choir for several years now, perhaps this Christmas I will have the chance as this town is organizing few events. Wish you also a great Christmas


  2. I’ve always loved that little spot 🙂 Some great nosh round there…


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      You know I checked your blog yesterday to see if you’d ever written a piece about European consumption of Brussels sprouts, but I didn’t find anything.


      1. A despicable oversight on my part…!


  3. Loved how they’ve used the space between buildings to put up decorations! 🙂 It all looks so festive!

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