Christmas Conifers

The traditional Christmas tree is a conifer, which means that its seeds are made, pollinated and sheltered in cones.  When the female cone reaches maturity, its woody scales flare open, releasing the seeds.

You can see cones on the Norwegian spruce tree that I photographed in Trafalgar Square for yesterday’s post.

Trafalgar Sq tree cones

I like the style of decorating that adds back some of the cones.  These branches and lights are wrapped round the pillars of the Arts Club on Dover Street, Mayfair.

Arts Club pillars

This tree is standing outside the Cavendish bar on New Cavendish Street in Marylebone.

Cavendish tree

The Cavendish tree is so close to home that I’m tempted to steal some of their silver and gold cones to decorate my own tree.   If I lift just one every time I walk past, do you think I will get away with it?




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  1. The pillars look lovely, there are so many possibilities to decorate for Christmas 🙂

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  2. Andrew says:

    Go for it. We won’t snitch. Our tree arrives next Friday 😊

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  3. Beautiful pictures! 🙂 I love decorating an XMas tree with pine cones too – it is sort of rustic, not to forget extremely pretty!


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