Regent Street

It’s time to blog from the big shopping streets of the West End.  Today I’m on Regent Street; tomorrow will be Oxford Street.

Regent Street has a long tradition of Christmas lights, dating from 1954.  My vantage point for 2015 was the top deck of a bus.

Regent Street lights 2

To be honest, I was puzzled by these metallic shapes.  Attractive, and elegant, but without any obvious connection to Christmas.

Regent Street lights

All became clear at night when the wheels, ratchets and springs brightened up with projections, lights and animations.

Regent Street lights ice

It’s worth hanging around for a while to watch as the patterns change.

Regent Street lights gold

The designers (Belgian firm ACT Lighting Design) took their inspiration from three things:- the watchmaking heritage of Regent Street; photographs of the 1954 Christmas lights; and the Lumière brothers’ cinematography, first shown on Regent Street in 1896.

Regent Street lights and busIf you go there and take your own photos, you can enter a competition.  The Regent Street website is encouraging people to share their pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #RegentStreet and #Christmas, for the chance to win dinner for two at a local restaurant.  Click here for details.





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  1. bighair63 says:

    Wow! I was just in London but didn’t see these lights at night! What a shame, they’re amazing!

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  2. Andrew says:

    Very nice. We left before dark yesterday but the crowds in Bond Street were too much for me. I’m afraid the Winchester lights aren’t going to rival London but the spirit is good.

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  3. These decorations are just brilliant!


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