Don’t Panic

Newspapers have dubbed the Saturday before Christmas Panic Saturday“.  They expect shoppers to crowd on to London’s shopping streets today, looking for last-minute Christmas presents.   Distant Drumlin’s mission is to make you smile instead of panic.

Last week I walked from Marylebone to the neighbouring district of Saint John’s Wood.  I had expected the wood to be more impressive than this.

mini trees St John's Wood

Not that Marylebone has much to be proud of.   They’ve gone too far in the direction of minimalism with their Christmas decorations.

Marylebone Lane crane (1)

The most important thing this week is to get your Christmas greetings right.  How could anyone write “Christmas Merry”?  Isn’t that obviously the wrong way round?

Chinatown Christmas Merry (2)

Well, to be fair, I’ve actually got some sympathy for the unknown worker who put up this decoration in a Chinese restaurant in Gerrard Street.  I lived in China for a few years, and learned a little of the language.  All the greetings that I know for special events, including 生日快乐 for birthdays and 圣诞快乐 for Christmas, start with the name of the festival.  So this word order – Christmas Merry – probably seemed right when the stencil went up.

Here’s one final photograph.  It’s physically impossible to panic while looking this image.

baby reindeer slippers (1)

Distant Drumlin’s Fact-Checker

  1.  These trees sculpted from branches are on sale at Dansk Flowers.
  2.  The ducting was being hoisted by crane up to the top of a building under construction on Marylebone Lane.
  3. The reindeer booties are for sale at Mothercare on Oxford Street.

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