Festive Wreaths

Like brussels sprouts, Christmas wreaths divide opinion.  They can be a creative use of natural materials available in winter, like Christmas tree branches, pine cones or holly, woven together in a circle full of symbolism of evergreen eternity.   But in countries where wreaths are symbols of mourning, it can also seem odd to use them to celebrate Christmas.

Borough Market stall wreaths and candles

These Christmas wreaths were on sale last week in London’s Borough Market.

Borough Market stall wreaths and sticks

I think they can look really attractive hanging on a door, like this one on a house near the Globe Theatre on the south bank of the Thames.

Wreath yellow door

If you use pine cones and stars, like KJ West One in Marylebone, then the colour scheme is a long way from the funeral wreath.

Wreath at KJ West One

Nobody does wreaths better than the Ritz Hotel in London.

Ritz hotel entrance

Their cloisters on Piccadilly are lined with red, green and gold banners and wreaths.

Ritz cloistersTurn round, and the decorations just go on and on.

Ritz cloisters 2

So what do you think? Use them as festive garlands? Or leave them to funerals?


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  1. adspark says:

    I didn’t know they were used for mourning in some countries. Maybe that’s why there are none here. There are Christmas trees for an outrageous price but no wreaths…

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  2. adspark says:

    These are just beautiful by the way!

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  3. These wreaths are so beautiful, and so very festive! I didn’t know they were used for mourning, either!

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  4. bookskeptic says:

    In my country wreaths are used for funerals, which is probably why the Christmas version is gaining popularity only now under the influence from UK and US. For me personally funeral and Christmas wreaths are so very different that I see no problem with using both. And Ritz decorations rock!


  5. helentowershelentowers says:

    In the US everyone has them for Christmas – never been to a funeral over here so couldn’t comment if they double up! We have two: a fake one on the front door and a real one in the living room. As the tree is in a different room it’s a great way to have that wonderful pine smell in both rooms. Also here people have Easter wreaths, fall/thanksigivng treats, spring wreaths ….with the appropriate seasonal foliage and decorations.


  6. helentowershelentowers says:

    Sorry – fall/thanksgiving wreaths (tho we do have treats as well!!)


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