Christmas Eve in Marylebone

It’s Christmas Eve, and London is quieter than normal, as many people leave town for Christmas.  This may actually be the best time of year to be in Marylebone.

All the lights and decoration add to the special atmosphere.  I was very tempted to go in to Opso on Paddington Street for some Greek food after I took this picture.

OpsoIt’s quiet in the park this week too, with the usual crowds missing from Paddington Street Gardens as offices shut for the holidays.

Paddington Street Gardens Christmas tree

The lights continue at the Marylebone Hotel on Welbeck Street….

Marylebone Hotel

and the  Paul Rothe & Son delicatessen in Marylebone Lane.

Paul Rothe shop

I’ve spent three weeks photographing London’s shop windows, and it turns out that my favourite was the local hardware shop.  If I was bringing young children into central London to see the Christmas lights, I would forget about Hamleys and Selfridges and head for Websters Ironmongers on Chiltern Street.

Websters Ironmongers

I wonder if I’ve got time to go out and buy that snowy owl before everything shuts this afternoon?


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