INDIA 2011-2013

I lived in India from 2011-2013.  While my husband was working, I was taking photos for this blog in and around the city of Bangalore.  Here are some of my favourites.  Click on the photo to take you to the original post.

oxen turning
Ploughing with Oxen


cutting bananas
Banana Harvest


tumbling flowers
Tumbling Flowers for Dussehra


PM pool
Living in the Expat Bubble

OR click here for some more Indian posts:

A farmer splashing water over a cow

Drishti Bommai to protect your house 

A bullock cart

Palm squirrels


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  1. Hi there,I’m enjoying your London posts. It’s funny that we both came back from India at around the same time. Just to let you know that there’s a call out for photos of Bangalore with a company called Image Brief so I thought of you: Just in case you have pictures of any of the ones they want 🙂


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thank you Eleanor! I looked at the list on Image Brief, but I don’t think I have any of the items they need. They are looking for photos of the high-end bars and shops, while I was far more interested in the local and the rural. If I was still in Bangalore I could have done it – but too late for me now!
      Anyway, I’m going to tell another friend or two. Thanks for thinking of me.


  2. No they’re not really the things I tend to photograph either – it’s a shame they don’t want something a bit more interesting. Oh well…


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