Apples and Plums

I’ve already told you how keen I am on India’s tropical fruits, like mangoes and bananas.  But my trip to Northern Ireland has not been fruitless.  Here are some photos of apples and plums in my brother’s garden.


That photo was taken on 3 September. One week later, on 10 September, the autumn sun had conspired with John Keats “To bend with apples the moss’d cottage-trees, And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core”.


I haven’t eaten any of the apples, but the plums are delicious.


DSC_0530My cousins also have plum trees, and are equally generous with their fruit.  So it has been a plum-filled September for the whole family, well, except for one over-enthusiastic springer spaniel. Steve would eat all the plums if we’d let him, but they are terrible for his digestion, so we try to distract him with the throwing ring.


Fruit and Vegetable Stalls

I can buy fruit and vegetables in Bangalore from all kinds of places.  Here are some photos of stalls, including a man sitting on the pavement of a street in Varthur selling guavas (spot the clever way in which the bamboo protects his stock) and two movable fruit stalls in Shivajinagar.

varthur fruit seller


fruit stall bananas custard apples

I also buy vegetables in supermarkets.  Here is a stand full of kappa (which I only discovered this week is the source of tapioca) in the Hypercity supermarket in Kundalahalli Gate.

kappa price