Taking Pulses

We have a new supermarket in the Whitefield suburb of Bangalore – D-Mart.

Like all the big Bangalore shops, D-Mart is strict about security. On my first visit I was carrying only a small handbag and a camera bag, but a security guard fastened them both shut using plastic ties.  Which is fair enough, because I could easily have scooped some lentils into my purse and slipped a few chillies down the side of the camera bag.  And it explains why the woman in pink in the first photo isn’t carrying any bag or purse or means of payment for her trolley full of shopping.
Anyway, today’s photos come from the iPhone that escaped the security crackdown.

Indian supermarkets are full of lentils and other pulses – moong dal, tur dal, channa dal, etc. D-Mart has a great big bin where you can help yourself to as many lentils as you like.

dal in Dmart

For contrast, here is a photo of the pulses sold in a London supermarket.  I was actually surprised and impressed by the range of the pulses; but it is funny that they are only available in small packets.

Waitrose lentils one shelf

Back in D-Mart, I liked the reflection of these dried chillies in the metal bin.

red chillies in DMart

In D-Mart you can buy rice by the sackful. My London branch of Waitrose sold nothing bigger than 1kg.

rice in Dmart
On the other hand, Waitrose didn’t tie up my bag, or station a guard at the exit to check my receipt.