What happened after 28

Remember my posts from February?  Every day a new number and a new image of London. (Click here to see the start of 28 Photos Later.)

28th February came and went, and the series ended, leaving me with a stash of London numbers.  Are you ready for more, without the slightest connection to the date?

twentynineLondon in August really needs its parks.  Regent’s Park is a good place to cool down.

Regents Park fountain

Sometimes I exercise in the park, sometimes I just sit under a tree and watch other people exercise.

Regent's Park cones

Just when I’ve relaxed, the local inhabitants come along to annoy me.

Regent's Park squirrel begging



London in Autumn (Year Two)

Last October I took some photos of the autumn colours (fall colors) in Regent’s Park.  Before you read that post again, let’s see if West London can beat it.

Squirrel in Hyde Park

I found those sycamore leaves in Hyde Park last week.  It’s a bit deceptive, because only a few leaves had turned; most of the leaves on the trees were still green.   Porchester Square was the same – as I could see through the railings.

Porchester Square

The horse chestnuts in the park had already produced their seeds – conkers.

conkers from horse chestnut tree

I wanted to keep some conkers to take home, but I had some tough, and hungry, competition.

Hyde Park Squirrel

Winter in London

If you followed this blog last year, you probably saw the posts about Spring, Summer and Autumn in London.  To complete the set, here are some photos of Winter in London.

The flowers from those other seasonal posts have gone.  Regent’s Park in January is a bleaker place of muddy football pitches, bare branches, and pruned rosebushes.

bare twigs

But there are signs of life.  The first flower to bloom at this time of year is the snowdrop, and I found a few in a quiet, untrampled spot near the Royal College of Physicians.


Meanwhile, inside the park, the grey squirrels were looking for food…

grey squirrel on tree

…and getting fat when they found it.

grey squirrel eating